Monday, July 18, 2011

Red Wall Woes

Since moving into the new apartment, few unfinished to-do’s have nagged at me quite like this giant, empty red wall in our dining room (and it doesn't help that I'm not the biggest fan of the color red). I first toyed with the idea of artwork, but alas it would have to be oversized to not look sparse on the wall. Wispy floral garland of some sort also came to mind, but hanging anything from a 12+ foot ceiling seemed daunting. Finally, I set out to create something that didn’t need to be framed, wasn’t hazardous to hang and was large enough to look at home on the wall. Inspiration in the form of this and this, one piece of plywood, seven old t-shirts, and ten fingers sore from weaving later and I’m happy with the finished product.