Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A very crafty family.

Has it really been three weeks since the baby shower? Which means it has also been three weeks since I mentioned posting these handmade gifts from the shower. My life is flying by and I cannot keep up. I haven't even shopped for Christmas gifts yet (totally unlike me, I don't know what my deal is this year).

Even though it's 1:15 AM and I should be sleeping, here are some pictures of things my family made for the baby. Needless to say, we're a pretty crafty family.

What can I say, I got it from my momma.

"A" I painted for the baby room door - I bought the wooden letter from Joann's (my mecca) and seriously want to buy one of each letter and do an entire alphabet. Like, really. How cool would a wall of letters be? And the "A" would have apples all over it, "B" for bees, etc. etc. but I think for the time being I can find better ways of spending $130 (26 letters @ $5 each). I.e. buying Christmas presents. One day...

Also how beautiful is the name Amira? Seriously I die.

My aunt Carol knitted (or is that crochet? I have no idea, but should definitely know these things since I know how to knit) this baby's blanket - notice the star & moon shapes in it. Talent? Check.

Again, no idea if this is knit or crocheted, which is totally embarrassing. But my mom made this blanket. Betsy's (baby momma) favorite color is purple and - funny story - my mom started this blanket for Betsy like a zillion years ago but never finished, so instead she made it for the baby.

Wonder who made these baby headbands and clips...?

Ok, you're going to have to take a deep breath for this one. It is literally that cute and I almost cry looking at it.

My mom made (again, knit? crochet?) this sweater, hat, and booties. Do you die for the Peter Rabbit buttons? I want one in my size.

Lastly, my sister framed the invitation I designed. We're real big on framing stuff (probably since said sister owns a frame shop, but also because framed things are awesome, no?). I love the purple & pink striped frame. Presh, eh?

I have a few DIY's in mind that I will hopefully be posting over (read: after) the holidays.
Hooray for a week & a half off work!

Until then, cheers, Merry Christmas, & Happy New Year!

my mini animal tree (cute or creepy?)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Baby Shower - The Decorations

What a busy week! With December here - if you can believe it - the baby shower has come and gone and I don't think it could have been any more perfect.

Here are a few pictures of the decorations (and food!) for anyone curious.

The flags.
The flags turned out great!
I was a little disappointed in the dim "it's a girl" lettering, but that was totally my fault. In retrospect I would have used glitter fabric paint or maybe just a darker marker.

In total, I made 4 strings of flags for the front porch, food stand, and fire place. You'll have to excuse the blurry picture of the fireplace - it's the only one I got.

Pom Poms.
My sister Susie made these pom poms, which I'm thinking couldn't be more adorable, no?
I want to make like 20 strings of these bad boys in varying solid colors to hang...everywhere. She found the idea here - I could also use some of those multi-colored strands they made.

The cake.
Oh, the cake...the cake...the cake. For the cake topper, I found these two cardboard stars-on-sticks for $1 each at Joann's, so I painted them up all pink and pretty, covered them with pink glitter, and strung some mini flags in between. Cute, right?

I went back and forth on the recipe for a while between a lemon cake and a strawberry cake. My sister Kelly (are you finding out that I have a lot of sisters? I haven't even officially mentioned the pregnant one or the youngest one yet...) wanted to buy a fancy schmancy cake, but I have way too much faith in all things Smitten Kitchen for that to be allowed for such a special day. (Is anyone else anxiously awaiting her cookbook's 2012 arrival?!)

Anyway, I used Deb's Pink Lady cake recipe, but added [quite a few more than the recipe called for] drops of red food dye to make it p-i-n-k pink pink pink. I also colored the icing pink and bought pink glitter flakes for the top. It was a great (pink) cake - moist but also dense (good dense - the kind of dense that means a lot of butter was used). And strawberry flavored! And three layers! (And pink!)

The food.
I'm only putting the first picture because of how pretty the toile tablecloth is. It's from William's Sonoma and my sister bought it in like 4 colors then gave my mom the pink and green one because seriously who needs 4 of the same tablecloth? And actually, the picture actually doesn't do half the justice of all the food we had - the table was nearly full with food after I took this picture. Pooh Bear (aka my mom) went a little O-O-C out. of. control. and made a ton of food.
I would be doing her a disservice if I didn't post the fancy pigs/babies in a blanket that she was way, way too excited about because they "look like a baby girl in a blanket with a bow." Arguably that's kinda creepy, right? Sheesh.

In case you're not overloaded on pictures (and I won't be offended if you are since I'm a little over it all just from writing this post) here's a few more to make this my most obnoxiously long post yet.

I just like these pictures of the cake and punch table.

Lastly, my intentions to make homemade heart-shaped oreos with pink filling for the goodie bags were put aside when I decided to watch the worst game ever in Athens (also known as UGA v GT football), so our last-minute goodie bags were instead filled with random candies. Not very cute, but worth a mention I suppose. At least the basket is kinda cute. Oh, and we totally forgot to hand these out. So anyone who came to the shower that might be reading this...sorry!

Congratulations if you've made it this far! You seriously deserve a medal or something shiny or maybe a slice of pink cake.

I'll post some pictures of some handmade gifts from the shower shortly (not so surprisingly from the women of my family because we're all crafty and stuff). I need a break after this post.

Oh hey, remember when I forgot to take pictures of people at the shower and with my very pregnant sister? (Betsy, if you were wondering. And Annie is #5) Good one.