Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby Shower pt. 2 - DIY Flags

Well, today was somewhat productive on the baby shower front, despite the fact that of the 30 flags I cut and ironed, I only made one string of 5. If only I had more string... but driving to Joann's seemed far too intense for a Sunday afternoon, which turned into Sunday evening, at which point I gave up.

For anyone interested.. step-by-step DIY pennet flag instructions!

Step 1: Wander the cotton fabric aisles of Joann's, picking out 5 patterns after 30 minutes of turmoil. I had 1/4 yard cut of each fabric (sorry, Joann's - I can only imagine how annoying it is to put so much effort into so little amounts of fabric.)
(Optional Step 1 1/2: Find more fabrics you like immediately afterwards, but opt out because that would just be cruel.)

2 3

4 5

Step 2: Cut a stencil for the flags from poster board. After making the flags for the work baby shower, I realized that making them a simple triangle shape is not the best route. The flags need excess fabric at the top that can be folded over the string.

Step 3: Trace the stencil onto each fabric.

Step 4: Cut out each flag. I used pinking shears so the ends of the fabric wouldn't fray. Plus the zig zag looks cute, right?

Step 5: Admire how cute the zig zags are.

6 7

Step 6: I ironed the flags, then laid them out on the ironing board. You'll need some sort of heavy string or ribbon; lay it across the top of the flags and secure with a few dots of hot glue.

Step 7: Draw two lines of hot glue underneath the ribbon/string and...
Step 8: Fold the top of the flag over and press down.
Note: Probably a better method would be to sew the tops over with a sewing machine. But how much easier is hot glue, right?

Finished product...

Stay tuned for DIY flag cake & cupcake toppers!

Also, to add to Baby Shower pt. 1, I found these pictures of the invitations & envelopes when I uploaded the flag pictures.

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