Saturday, November 13, 2010

Baby Shower pt. 1

In a little over 2 months, I will be the proud Aunt to a beautiful baby girl. Said baby girl will obviously be decked head to toe in all things flowers, but this post will be about something else for a change...

Anyhow, as a first-time Aunt and event design junkie, you can only imagine how thrilled I am to plan a baby shower. In typical Lucy fashion, I perused blogs (mostly wedding very guilty pleasure) to find inspiration for the big day. And I found just that in the form of handmade pennet flags.

Image from Ruffled Blog

I'm envisioning these darling pennet flags hanging across the porch/doorway of my parents' house, over the tables, and of course miniature flags topping the cupcakes I plan on baking.

For the invitations, I incorporated the flags at the top. When I actually make the flags, I'll be using patterned fabric (unfortunately my amateur Photoshop skills prevented me from doing so on the invitations).
Ignore the blurred parts...that's my address and phone number, which felt weird to post online.

My next task is to create the flags, so stay tuned!
I actually made some blue ones for a co-worker's baby shower as "practice."
Please excuse my grainy phone pics...

Seriously, are these cupcake toppers to die for or what?


  1. Lucy you are so cute. You can definitely plan my are so much more creative than I. Can't wait to see more adorable pics.

  2. I would be so honored to plan your wedding!!

  3. Hey! I'm not just a co-worker!! You did a GREAT job, it didn't feel like practice at all to me. :)

  4. Very true. Waaaay more than just a co-worker my friend. But it was sorta practice but also because you deserved a baller baby shower for little Ajay :)

  5. As soon as I read you felt wierd to post your address and phone # online, I immediately stopped reading and almost posted them right here.