Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sassy Baby

I went to a baby shower yesterday and brought along these two handmade baby headbands. Only the sassiest of babies can handle a snow leopard headband, right?

Fun fact: the average infant girl baby's head is 13.75 inches around.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby Shower pt. 2 - DIY Flags

Well, today was somewhat productive on the baby shower front, despite the fact that of the 30 flags I cut and ironed, I only made one string of 5. If only I had more string... but driving to Joann's seemed far too intense for a Sunday afternoon, which turned into Sunday evening, at which point I gave up.

For anyone interested.. step-by-step DIY pennet flag instructions!

Step 1: Wander the cotton fabric aisles of Joann's, picking out 5 patterns after 30 minutes of turmoil. I had 1/4 yard cut of each fabric (sorry, Joann's - I can only imagine how annoying it is to put so much effort into so little amounts of fabric.)
(Optional Step 1 1/2: Find more fabrics you like immediately afterwards, but opt out because that would just be cruel.)

2 3

4 5

Step 2: Cut a stencil for the flags from poster board. After making the flags for the work baby shower, I realized that making them a simple triangle shape is not the best route. The flags need excess fabric at the top that can be folded over the string.

Step 3: Trace the stencil onto each fabric.

Step 4: Cut out each flag. I used pinking shears so the ends of the fabric wouldn't fray. Plus the zig zag looks cute, right?

Step 5: Admire how cute the zig zags are.

6 7

Step 6: I ironed the flags, then laid them out on the ironing board. You'll need some sort of heavy string or ribbon; lay it across the top of the flags and secure with a few dots of hot glue.

Step 7: Draw two lines of hot glue underneath the ribbon/string and...
Step 8: Fold the top of the flag over and press down.
Note: Probably a better method would be to sew the tops over with a sewing machine. But how much easier is hot glue, right?

Finished product...

Stay tuned for DIY flag cake & cupcake toppers!

Also, to add to Baby Shower pt. 1, I found these pictures of the invitations & envelopes when I uploaded the flag pictures.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Baby Shower pt. 1

In a little over 2 months, I will be the proud Aunt to a beautiful baby girl. Said baby girl will obviously be decked head to toe in all things flowers, but this post will be about something else for a change...

Anyhow, as a first-time Aunt and event design junkie, you can only imagine how thrilled I am to plan a baby shower. In typical Lucy fashion, I perused blogs (mostly wedding very guilty pleasure) to find inspiration for the big day. And I found just that in the form of handmade pennet flags.

Image from Ruffled Blog

I'm envisioning these darling pennet flags hanging across the porch/doorway of my parents' house, over the tables, and of course miniature flags topping the cupcakes I plan on baking.

For the invitations, I incorporated the flags at the top. When I actually make the flags, I'll be using patterned fabric (unfortunately my amateur Photoshop skills prevented me from doing so on the invitations).
Ignore the blurred parts...that's my address and phone number, which felt weird to post online.

My next task is to create the flags, so stay tuned!
I actually made some blue ones for a co-worker's baby shower as "practice."
Please excuse my grainy phone pics...

Seriously, are these cupcake toppers to die for or what?