Monday, April 26, 2010

Miss you, Isla.

Wishing I were here:

Instead of here:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Red & Black Flower Sale (in honor of GRADUATION!)


I want to have a sale on Red & Black flowers because I am starting to feel super depressed about leaving UGA. So whether you want a red and black flower for graduation, or you're one of the lucky people who has another UGA football season ahead of you...

$2 off any red or black flower barrette or headband!
(Which means: $5 for headbands, $3 for barrettes, $8 for double headbands)

Please email your red and black orders to and I will have them ready as soon as I can! Thanks!!

Happy almost graduation!

I Love Custom Orders

Tonight I worked on a custom order for a friend of a friend
(funny how things work out like that) and I really like how they all turned out!

Floral Bow Headband

Double Pink Headband
(She wanted a sparkly pink headband, but because I was fresh out of those, I wrapped a headband in sparkly pink fabric. It looks really good, in my humble opinion!)

Black and Grey Double Flower Headband

Black and Pink Barrette, Black Barrette,
and Multi-Colored Bobby Pin

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Things I should be doing other than blogging about flowers:
-Preparing for my interview tomorrow
-Working off the DQ Blizzard I ate tonight
(25 year anniversary special! Buy one get the 2nd for $.25!)
-NOT listening to Glee-does-Madonna on repeat
(unless doing so whilst sleeping, of course)

But instead, I will post about the flowers I made last night. I supposed my nearing graduation date and thus nostalgia were the inspiration behind all the red flowers. Who knows.

Red with Pearls on Brown Headband - $7
Red with Black Beads on Black Headband - $7

Red and Black Lady - $10
(P.S. Go Dawgs!)
(P.P.S. I really love this one.)

And then came the cheetah rush. I found this fabric recently and fell in love with it. I have been looking for a better quality cheetah fabric than what I previously used.
These are pretty adorable, if I do say so myself.

Brown with Pearls - $7 (center)
Cheetah on Black Headband - $7 (left)
Cheetah on Brown Elastic Headband - $7 (right)

Cheetah on Brown Elastic Headband
This could also be worn across the forehead, but as I have said before, I look too much like an elf when I do that, so I will refrain from posting pictures and publicly embarrassing myself.

I made a few others, but won't post them because I really should be prepping for my interview tomorrow. I doubt the Media Director at this particular agency will care to hear about chiffon fabrics and Glee.

Take care.
And here's a little treat for the Gleeks out there.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Things I Want to Make

I've been considering making jewelry for some time now. I used to make a lot in high school, but with beads and silver clamps instead of flowers. I really like the idea of a fabric flower on a metal chain.

A friend showed me this website called Lulus (I am now kind of obsessed with it - check out their cute and affordable dresses and shoes!) and they have a lot of the pieces I had been thinking of making. I also really want to make rings.

This one is my favorite.
It's called the "Champagne Brunch Necklace."

Should be easy enough, right? I guess the next step is finding the materials I need to make this happen. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hello, Daisy.

Flower-making has become a therapeutic activity amongst my recent stressful, hectic school-related tasks.

I especially like this daisy-inspired headband I made for a friend:

"Aren't daisies just the happiest flowers?"
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