Friday, March 26, 2010

Custom Orders are Great

When your customers are so creative, what's not to like about making a custom order? They always have such great ideas. For example, my very first custom-requesting customer (the lovely Miss Claire) asked for a grey flower, something I hadn't thought of before. Well, that grey flower became very popular and I have since sold probably somewhere close to 20 of them.

...which leads me to a recent custom order: a tweaked version of the tried and true grey flower.

Above: Double flower headband with a grey flower
and a black flower with pearls

Per the same girl's request, I made a brown flower on a brown headband. I love how versatile this flower will be. Brown goes with just about everything.

I also bought some zebra fabric tonight, but unfortunately it doesn't translate well to flowers. It just looks like black, white, and tan stripes, which still looks good...but it's not zebra. I guess the hunt for the perfect zebra print is still on.

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